What is Kiru?

Kiru, is the root word for Kiru Dhanya, the Kannada word for "millets" loosely translating into the little grain. Millets, in their little size, pack a world of goodness. It also takes little effort to consume and you only have to eat a little bit to stay fit. Millets themselves consume a little water and need little attention for them to flourish. What else would we have called this?

Kiru is a healthy millet snack.





Kiru as a meal

-20% of your daily energy needs. Every single box. So you never have to go hungry on the go road again.


Kiru as a snack

Specifically designed for you to grab a pouch and fuel yourself no matter when you need it and what you are doing. Open up a packet, munch on three, and don't ever go hungry into your adventures.


Kiru as health food

Protein and fiber rich. Just what your body needs to get you through the day. It satiates your hunger quickly and prevents overeating, so that you can eat less by eating smarter.


Kiru for sustainability

Millets are a hardy crop that thrive in infertile soil with minimal care, no pesticides and a fraction of the water. A box of kiru uses the same amount of water as 2 wheat cookies. And that is just from our product. These are baby steps. the larger goal, is being able to restore the land back to its original glory, one year at a time.
100% gluten free, High fibre, zero transfat alkaline

What makes Kiru?

Just millets, no additives or preservatives.
It is not a new snack. It is the oldest snack in the world. Our forefathers used it.
We just changed it up a bit so that it is ready to eat just as healthy, and a lot more tasty.
A lot more.

100% Vegetarian and dairy free

How does Kiru work?

Kiru, thanks to its millet flour base helps slower and more sustained absorption of nutrients and hence keeps you satiated for longer on lesser number of calories... So how does my body absorb these calories?

Distribution of Energy

Carbohydrates, lipids, proteins

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This is orgTree

OrgTree enables farmers to grow millets, add value to the produce and promote healthy consumption as a lifestyle. Kiru, is our ready to eat snack. We aim to source locally, directly from farmers and farming communities, to help cut down the distance between the farmers and the consumers.  Learn more here

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