Healthy Snacks for Office

Cafeteria – A Foodie’s paradise
The current day office cafeterias are a foodie’s paradise. No wonder with a series of great options to choose from fresh food to ready to eat snacks there are a plethora of options to employees. But are these options making a great difference to the overall employee well-being or do they have any unforeseen effects overall.

Compulsive Snacking
A lot of reports have been arguably stating that employees are adding up a lot of calories due to office snacking. With an abundance of food available, it is more to become a habit of compulsive eating than mindful consuming of snacks in the current day.

This could be due to a lot of aspects like preoccupations at a workday, stress full conditions lack of time for physical activity. As much as there are a lot of people trying to regulate their eating habits, the problem continues to persist.

Healthy snacking
With mindful snacking being at the core of all these, there are a lot of recommendations, a variety of foods including, Fruits, Nuts, salads, sprouts. From healthy smoothies to quinoa and more.

Millet Snacking
We at kiru believe in Millet based foods for all the quintessential benefits they offer. Millets are rich in nutrition they are good source of anti-oxidants, rich in dietary fiber and low on glycemic index. They also help regulate diabetes and are glutenfree

With this and more, we thought of reinventing the way people snack with Millets as base ingredients. View our story and product here Kiru portfolio

We offer a subscription model to corporates based on consumption and serve startups to MNC’s. Kiru Snacks are great served with coffee/Tea, they can be used in office meetings and other occasions. Made with Millets as base ingredient they are all glutenfree and alkaline. The products are made all natural with no preservatives

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