Healthy Snacking Partner for Your Everyday Moment

We at Kiru are embarking on a new journey to serve healthy snacks to all our Snack Partners, that is you, with guilt-free snacking experience. Our mission is to be a “Healthy Snacking Partner for Your Everyday Moment”.

Our objective is to deliver an assortment of healthy and nutritious snacks to your doorstep with the convenience of subscription continuity.

Healthy and Nutritious

Early mornings or evenings along with a cup of tea, coffee or other beverages of your choice, you would like to create cherish-able moments. Whether in offices or while traveling, you would want some moments that stop for you to rejoice with a company. Kiru aspires to be that silent partner, providing you with a healthier and nutritious choice.

Snack Assortment

The monotony of eating the same thing can be annoying. We know you can create magic if you were to wear kitchen apron and get to the task. But it means so much of time and effort, especially if it was for snacking. We aspire to surprise you with varieties and be closer to your Grandmother’s baking standards.

Kiru Subscription Explained

Through Kiru Subscription, our goal is to provide you with healthier and nutritious choice while also cutting down wastages in packing materials and other distribution mechanisms.

Here is how our Kiru Subscription works,

We have millet snacks available as Cookies, Sticks, Health Bar, Cake and Brownie. We are on our way to bring more choices, all healthier and with millet being the primary ingredient.