Millet Health Bar

Millet Health Bar

Made with Millets the Kiru health bar from Orgtree is a unique product.

Nutrition bars and protein bars have been of prominence. But Millet benefits promoting great cardiac health, reducing cholesterol levels, improved digestive health and more we have introduced a millet based one
the kiru millet bar is a unique blend of ingredients with millets as its base ingredients and hence is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, protein and dietary fibre.

With no added preservatives and artificial colors, the all-natural bar is a power packed snack to replace your unhealthy ones.

A quick bite any time can replenish all your nutritional deficiencies and keep you energized and fulfill your hunger cravings.

A great product to carry for fitness enthusiast, marathon runners, cycling enthusiasts, athletes and for everyone who want to relish it.

Health Bar and its Nutritions

Millet health bar (Per 100g)

Calories 305.8
Protein(g) 5.8
Total Carbohydrates(g) 55.72
Dietary Fibre(g) 5.6
Sodium (mg) 10.04
Pottasium(mg) 308.27
Sugars(g) 24.9
Total Fat(g) 7.12
Saturated(g) 0.56
polyunsaturated (g) 1.91
monounsaturated(g) 4.3
trans 0
Cholestrol (mg) 0