Introducing Kiru

A ready to eat, healthy and sustainable snack.

It is made only from millets and only natural flavours. It is manufactured by us at orgTree, a millet company. We have a factory in Thenkahalli village in Mandya district of Karnataka. That is where we do our best work with millets...

Orgtree is a millet company. Kiru make snacks.

We are a  family owned business, under the leadership of two brothers, Mahesh and Chandrashekhar Basavanna. Most of the family moved to the city for work but decided that one day they will start something back in Thenkahalli village. Over the dinners with millets with the whole family the idea of orgTree started slowly growing. So we built a factory and experimented with products out of “pure millet” until the moment it became KIRU.

We started out as one, orgTree made millet snacks. But orgTree is bigger than that now. OrgTree is an idea that puts farmers and sustainability at it core. But more on that here.

Locally sourced millets

Every Kiru has one millet type, traceable back to its farmer, so you know exactly where your food comes from. As close to the source as possible. We use Kodo millet, Little Millet and Finger Millet. The staples of this region. 

Better baking process

Part of research of our product research team is dedicated to looking for ways to better our product, be it the ingredients we use or the process of baking.  Be it about the fat we use or how to get our shelf life without processing or adding preservatives is not possible. To replace the previously rampant partially hydrogenated zero-trans fat, we found a great alternative in interesterified fat. It's a better fat all the way. No hydrogenation, No trans creation, and best of all, without preservatives or additives, we get a higher melting point, a larger shelf life, slower rancidification, and low saturated fat.

Home grown flavours

Kiru contains only natural flavours in its composition including almond, cocoa and ginger.

A lot of flavours for the snack come directly from our own farm where we grow ginger along with other spices and even almonds. While extending our flavour profile, we realise that the best way to control what goes inside KIRU, is to grow ingredients ourselves, as much as we can.

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