4 Ways You Can Continue Snacking While on a Keto Diet

A keto diet is a high carb diet with moderate amounts of proteins and low fat. And since you have made up your mind to improve your lifestyle by following a keto diet, you may have to give up on certain habits such as snacking. But you will be happy to know that you can still continue snacking even while you follow a keto diet. To fulfill your cravings for snacks between meals, here are some scrumptious snacks you can have while you stick to your keto diet at the same time.

1.    Kiru Black Gram Papad

Kiru black gram papad comes in two variations on Kiru – Chilli & Pepper. This appetizing snacking option is one of the favorite savory munchies that the diet freaks would want to add to their healthy snacking regime. Made with the goodness of healthy millets and delectable spices with low carbs, Kiru’s black gram papad is the best option when snacking on a keto diet.

Why Snack on This?

Your 300g black gram papad package comes with only 56.29g of carbohydrates, 22.5g of proteins and 6.82g of fats which makes it one of the excellent snacking options. So, don’t miss out on this excellent option while snacking on keto.

2.    Kiru Millet Mixture

The spicy millet flakes are one of the most preferred snacking options with heavenly spices induced in that plateful of yumminess. Who knew these wholesome divine goodness can be served with just a handful of spices? But here we are with some delectable Kiru millet mixture.

Why Snack on This?

If you are planning to include millet mixture to your keto diet regime, then you have made the right decision. About 300g of this goodness filled package comes with just 62.5g of carbohydrates, 10.6g of proteins and just about 2.62g of total fats. What else do you need when snacking on keto?

3.    Kiru Millet Snack Bars

Have a strong sweet craving going on there? Millet snack bars are here for you! With the right amount of millet snack bars in store for you, your ketosis game will still run strong, no matter what. These millet snack bars are here to not just to calm your growling stomach but also to treat your tastebuds.

Why Snack on This?

Kiru millet snack bars have the right amount of sweetness and the nutritional elements that are necessary for snacking on a keto diet. With 57.2g carbohydrates, 11.26g of proteins and 9.35g of total fats, Kiru millet snack bars make up for an amazing snacking option while you are on your keto diet.

4.    Kiru Millet Laddus

These scrumptious millet laddus are not going to do you any harm if you decide to include them while on a keto diet. In fact, you are also rewarding yourself with the right amount of proteins and carbohydrate proportions apart from satiating your delish cravings! Kiru millet laddus are your soft and mushy delights that come in different millet varieties. To know which laddu you will like best, first know your millet types better!

Why Snack on This?

Kiru millet cookies are those heavenly delights that come in a 100g package, just for you! With just about 64.33g of carbohydrates, 6.76g proteins, and 4.02g of fats in total, you can snack on keto without worrying if these sweet munchies can affect your health.

If you are snacking on a keto diet, it can be extremely tricky. Your snacks need to have sufficient levels of nutritional value. The Kiru munchies mentioned above can be your go-to snacks while you continue following your keto diet. So if you’d like to try out these amazing snacking options, you can buy them online on Kiru!

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