5 Reasons You Have to Include Millet Muesli in Your Breakfast

Muesli, as we all know, is a healthy and delicious alternative to unhealthy food items. It is usually consumed for breakfast or scrumptious brunches or tasty yet healthy mid-meal snacks. Millet muesli is an absolute blend of protein and fiber-rich nuts, dried fruits like blueberries, cranberries, raisins, and oats. The most significant ingredient here is different types of millets that are finely crushed to form millet flakes. Millet Muesli is a healthy combination without any unhealthy preservatives and added sugar content. To justify the importance of including millet muesli in your diet, we will list some reasons that will definitely encourage you to give it a try.

1.    Keeps You Full and Satisfied

Millet muesli contains millets which are a great source of dietary fiber. Millets have a longer digestion process which is why once you consume millet muesli, it will keep you full for a long period of time. The dry fruits and nuts in millet muesli not only complement millets to enhance the taste but also provide you with the nutrition of good fats and minerals.

2.    Healthier Compared to Other Packaged Cereals

Packaged cereals that you get in general stores might seem extremely appetising but are in fact loaded with the sugar coating, added flavours, sweeteners, and preservatives. However, if you buy millet muesli from a healthy snack store, you get all the original flavours with healthy proteins and carbs infused in it.

3.    Rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Millet muesli has Omega 3 fatty acids that constantly keep your heart health in check. Omega 3 fatty acids in millet muesli prevent heart diseases and also keeps one’s blood pressure in check. There are several other health benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids that you gain by simply eating millet muesli.

4.    High in Fiber

Fiber helps you to maintain your weight. Protein and fiber-rich ingredients like oats, millet and nuts are part of millet muesli mix which will help you to keep your stomach full and not worry about your weight at the same time.

5.    Rich in Antioxidants


The dry fruits in millet muesli are full of antioxidising properties. This makes your skin radiant and glowing. It also slows down your skin’s ageing process.

A healthy breakfast is a good start to a fruitful day. Millet muesli is one of the many healthy breakfast ideas that almost everyone can give a try. With the wholesomeness and benefits of both millets and muesli fused together, you will want to have more of it. In case you want to dive into some more options to add up to your breakfast platter, then Kiru is the right place to explore.

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