6 Healthy Snacks by Kiru to Give Your Diet a Millet Makeover

Are you planning on taking a healthy resolution for the New Year? Or are your taste buds craving for something tasty? If you desire to eat something yummy and still maintain a healthy diet, then Kiru is the solution for you. Kiru is a company that produces snacks with millets. These sweet, spicy and tangy treats are your everyday healthy snacking buddies and are prepared with an intention to provide you with healthy living. To get a better idea, here are some of the scrumptious treats offered by Kiru that will give your diet a millet makeover without turning your taste buds sour.

1.    Kiru Millet Sticks

Kiru produces two types of delicious millet sticks. These sticks are a no maida, no wheat and no preservatives sweet treats that will not only satisfy your growling stomach but also tame your sweet tooth.

Kiru Millet Sticks are available in the following variants:

2.    Kiru Millet Mixture

Kiru millet mixture is a healthy alternative to the conventional mixture that you usually get in the market. It is a combination of fiery Indian spices along with some healthy ingredients, including millet flakes, Bengal gram, etc.

Kiru Millet Mixtures are available in the following variants:

3.    Kiru Laddu

Just like every other laddu that Indians are prone to relishing, Kiru laddus have sweet, mushy and crunchy variants depending on what you choose to munch on. However, the uniqueness of Kiru Laddu is that they are equally healthy and tasty.

Kiru Millet Laddus are available in the following variants:

4.    Kiru Millet Cookies

The millet cookie section on Kiru offers you a variety of crunchy cookies. These cookies are your go-to snack when you are craving for some delicious cookies with your evening tea without spoiling your diet.

Kiru Millet Cookies are available in the following variants:

5.    Kiru Snack Bars

The usual energy bars that you find in markets are laden with preservatives and added flavours that hinder your health. Whereas, Kiru snack bars are juicy, crunchy and healthy snacks that will satisfy your cravings and your taste buds.

Kiru Snack Bars are available in the following variants:

6.    Kiru Black Gram Papad

Kiru Black Gram Papad is a crunchy munchy that are infused with Indian spices and ingredients like chilli, garlic, pepper, etc. One can indulge in these papads along with their meals like every other Indian or can munch on them when the stomach growls incessantly.

Kiru Papads are available in the following variants:

According to a study conducted by Harvard, healthy food costs $1.50 more per day. This is one of the reasons why people around the world try to avoid healthy food or snacks. However, Kiru is one such healthy food brand that is not only tasty but also easy on your pocket. So, now there’s no more worrying about healthy eating, and it’s time to buy healthy snacks and give your diet a healthy millet makeover.

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