A Customer Insight: Thank you Sheeba Simon

This reached our Inbox out of the blue. This is from a Customer who visited our Kiru Experience Center. This is re-assuring and a validation from the people who matter: Our Kiru Customer.

This is how it goes……



At the outset, let me congratulate the Orgtree and Kiru millet snacks team for the successful venture they have created.

Millet being gluten free, it’s always a challenge to bring it to an attractive snacking option. As a person who has been exploring cooking with millet for the past eight years, strangely, I’m still learning. The tiny grains present a real challenge and a valuable learning experience.  So it was with a lot of expectation that I planned a factory visit and the Kiru experience at Thenkahalli village.

Before deciding on the visit, I had bought the millet snacks online and was highly impressed with the range of products.

Thanks to Vinayak, everything was well arranged and I had no difficulty in reaching the place. He gave me an overview of the factory, the steadfast motivation of the brothers who have started it and their valuable rootedness to that place.

The factory visit was my first-time experience and definitely one to remember all the time. I was awestruck by the transparency that they so valiantly show, you can literally see what goes into your snack. The millets are sourced from the local farmers and graded and dehusked at the factory unit and the end product is unpolished first quality millet rice.

The millets are then prepared into the yummy snacks by adding natural ingredients like dates, palm sugar, honey, bananas, jaggery and dry fruits and nuts. The raw materials used are all pure, true to their claim. The staff too vouched for the owners’ firmness on not mixing anything unhealthy or artificial in their products. There’s a wonderful sun-drying unit and a fully equipped lab to test the purity and goodness of the snacks that reach you. In this age of adulterated processed foods, Kiru millet snacks is definitely a class apart by itself.

Thank you Navin for taking me around the different units and explaining patiently and clarifying all doubts. I’m happy to note that, in an interior beautiful village a factory is set without causing any imbalance to the serene environment, the structures and premises are very eco-friendly and everything blends naturally.

Last but not the least, I enjoyed an amazingly delicious complete millet meal. Thanks to Mahesh SV, for the food arrangement, the stroll in the farm and the share of fruits I carried back home.

It was a truly unique experience and I will definitely recommend the Kiru experience to anyone who is interested to know more about millets and are curious like me to find out the transformation of the miracle grain into well-loved healthy snacks.

I would also like to make a few suggestions as a feedback.

(i) Please try to include Proso millet (baragu) and Sorghum (jola) to your list of millets. I would strongly recommend both due to their high nutritive value and the texture which makes it highly adaptable to snack recipes.

(ii)  Millet sticks and chaklis are two products that I would look forward to in your snacks range.

(iii) The addition of a little more Indian spice flavours will take the roasted millet mixture to another level.

(iv) The raagi banana cookies taste amazing, maybe you can improve the moistness little more. All the cookies, laddoos and sticks are just too good.

Thank you very much for the samples and gift pack. Everyone at home really enjoyed it.

All the best for the innovative and challenging journey that you have embarked upon and I wish new and exciting snacks keep coming from your wonderful place.


Sheeba Simon.

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