Don’t Fall Prey to the “Healthy Lie”! Make the Right Food Choice

Due to the hyped advertisements of “healthy foods” as claimed by advertisers and product manufacturers, people are often confused about which foods are healthy, beneficial and safe for them to consume and include in their diet. Nowadays unhealthy food is disguised as healthy food and people tend to believe it since it is accepted by the majority. You should be able to distinguish between what is, in fact, healthy and what is a healthy lie!

#1 Healthy Lie: Packaged Fruit Juices, Soda, Energy Drinks for Getting Refreshed

People think that packaged fruit juices available at the supermarkets are healthy fruit juices just because the packaging claims that they are extracted straight out of the fruits. These fruit juices while getting processed, lose their fiber content and the only thing left behind is sugar. Also, sodas and energy drinks available at the supermarkets are packed with loads of sugary content and other preservatives that might act as refreshments but also affect one’s health.

Healthy Alternative:

  • Blend fresh fruit juices at your home because they don’t have added preservatives and in fact, act as healthy refreshments.
  • Coconut water is another alternative that has almost no sugar content which makes it a raw and healthy beverage.

#2 Healthy Lie: Digestive Biscuits are Good for Health

Digestive biscuits claim to be made of whole wheat flour and not refined wheat flour(maida). The fact is that they are made of refined flour, sugar, fats and sodium. They consist of unhealthy calories and taste enhancers which act as artificial flavours. Moreover, being produced in large quantities, digestive biscuits are processed food. They might satiate your hunger but not your health.

Healthy Alternative:

  • Healthy biscuits made of whole grains or millets without any added preservatives is the solution.
  • You might think in the world of healthy lies, where would you possibly find healthy biscuits? Which means you are still not aware of the Almond Kodo Millet Cookies.

#3 Healthy Lie: Multi-grain Breads are Truly Made of Whole Grains

Bread as a whole is unhealthy. When the bread packets claim that they are made of “whole grain”, “multigrain”, etc. they are in fact made of refined grains and not whole grains. Result of which, all the fiber is lost when the grains are refined.

Healthy Alternative:

  • Try to avoid bread completely from your diet and try infusing some homemade whole-grain or millet rotis in your diet.
  • Millets have a good amount of fiber content, which balances your diet and give you a fuller feeling that won’t tempt you for unhealthy snacking.
  • Urge of snacking can also be satisfied with some healthy millet snacks.

#4 Healthy Lie: Energy Bars are Healthy

Energy bars are a healthy solution only if they are low on saturated fats and sugar and are high in fiber, proteins and potassium. However, the usual energy bars that are found in the market are filled with loads of sugar and unwanted preservatives.

Healthy Alternative:

  • Healthy snack bars at Kiru are made of all required vitamins, minerals, delicious blend of millet flakes, dates and honey to satisfy your sweet cravings and your hunger.

There is always a healthy and yummy solution to unhealthy food. You only need to be clear of how the advertisers are trying to take advantage of the good diet and lifestyle fad and labelling unhealthy as healthy choices. Always be on the lookout for a healthy and natural alternative and stay healthy.

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