Give Your Unsuspecting Employees the Perfect Christmas Surprise!

Gifting your employees creates a stable and happy work environment, and they too feel appreciated and valued. That’s why it is always a good idea to gift your employees, especially during the festive season.

Did you gift your employees during Diwali? If yes, then why not during Christmas as well? Be a secret Santa for your employees this year and amaze them by showering them with some valuable gifts. These gifts could be anything from healthy snacks for office that could benefit their health to something like coffee sachets that would keep them awake and warm during long winter working hours.

1.     Massage Vouchers/Coupons

Massage vouchers/coupons make up for an extremely thoughtful Christmas gift since the festive mood demands relaxation. Nothing impresses an employee more than their boss who ensures that they do not overexert and are given sufficient rest.

Benefits of gifting massage vouchers/coupons

  • Massage improves sleep and employees feel fresh. As a result, their productivity increases.
  • Massage reduces fatigue and stress. So employees are able to work stress-free on multiple projects.
  • Massage enhances immunity. This can be very useful during winter when people often fall ill due to the common cold.
  • Gifting vouchers lead to improved overall performance.

2.    Assorted Coffee/Tea Gift Box

Do you gift chocolates to your employees during festivals? This Christmas don’t go for the regular chocolate boxes rather gift them some beautiful set of assorted coffee/tea boxes. For employees who love coffee, a beautiful assorted coffee box can be a perfect gift. For the ones who love tea, gift them a delicious assorted flavoured tea box.

Benefits of gifting assorted coffee/tea gift box

  • Keeps the employees awake in a boring meeting.
  • Employees can brew some great ideas with hot coffee.


3.    Healthy Snack Box

Your employees’ health should matter the most to you. You can get your employees some healthy snacks for office that they could munch on while working at their desk. Healthy snack box available on Kiru will make your work much easier. Kiru’s healthy snack box offers some mouth-watering and healthy millet snacks which your employees will fall in love with.

Benefits of gifting healthy snack box

  • Reduces unhealthy desk snack consumption and limits calorie intake.
  • Improves the immune system and therefore, absenteeism reduces.
  • Healthy snacks like millets promote weight loss.

4.    Desk Organisers/Desk Toolbox

Some employees manage to keep their desks extremely clean, but some tend to be messy at times. As much as you love your employees, you also love how presentable your office looks. A funky or creative desk organiser will be a good addition to the boring work desks and employees will love some added decor.

Benefits of gifting desk organizers/desk toolbox

  • Creates a good working environment.
  • Motivates employees to come back to a well-organized place.

Employees are impressed when bosses give them thoughtful gifts, regardless if it is a festive occasion or not. Every organization gifts its employees some chocolate boxes or notepads, etc. during festivals. So in order to be a little different, consider the above options to gift your employees. Lastly, don’t forget to attach a personalized hand-written note and a tiny candy cane with each gift to add more value to your already amazing Christmas gift.

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