Mighty Millets for Mysterious Millennials

The snacking industry has increasingly gained momentum due to the usual snacking habits of youngsters. Youngsters constantly have this urge to be on the lookout for something different and unique that adds new flavours to their tastebuds. The overload of advertisements is also successful in adding up to their unhealthy eating habits. However, with the trend of healthy eating, these youngsters are gradually turning into health conscious millennials. This trend has encouraged many companies to introduce healthy food to tantalize their tastebuds. Kiru is one such company that is willing to introduce the health conscious millennials to healthy eating with the help of interesting millet-based snacks. While you might term millets as boring, we are here to tell you why they are worth having.

Tasty Replacement for Unhealthy Snacking

You may be relishing on delicious cakes or those mouth-watering fries for a long time now. But since you are here reading this, it looks like you have decided to control your cravings. If that seems difficult because you have to now start consuming boring meals, then we are here to make you dance with joy.

If being health conscious is your motto, then healthy millet snacks are here just for you! These healthy millet snacks are a tasty addition to your healthy diet. Why?

  • These millet snacks are truly
  • Millet snacks are a healthy yet tasty replacement for boring snacks.
  • These millet snacks are not oily or deep-fried but baked and naturally sourced.

Long Term Health Benefits

Millets are not just for the health conscious millennials but of people of all ages. Apart from being tasty, millets also have some amazing health benefits.

  • Millets are a great source of fiber which aids weight loss.
  • Millets improve the immune system.
  • Millets prevent heart and bone diseases.
  • Millets are satisfying and make you feel fuller.

Healthy is No More Expensive

There was a time when healthy food was the least preferred option due to the high cost. However, some companies or healthy food outlets are constantly on their feet to make healthy food accessible to all health conscious millennials without the cost being a major barrier. Kiru is one such healthy food providing friend that offers affordable healthy millet snacks such as savoury millet mixture, delectable millet bars, low-calorie walnut cake and much more.

Variety Offers Versatility

Millets come in a variety of types, shapes and colours, and each variant has a unique benefit. These varieties of millets can be tossed into various relishing dishes.

The types of millets available in the market are:

  • Finger Millet.
  • Pearl Millet.
  • Kodo Millet.
  • Little Millet.
  • Barnyard Millet.

The above-mentioned millets have massive benefits that help you in the long run.

Time to Bring Back India’s Pride

‘Old is gold’ and millet is one such golden crop. Millets have been prevailing in India for more than 3000 years. They were once consumed as staples in India but lost its significance over time. However, as mentioned above, Indians are now hunting for healthy foods and are starting to consider millets as the most viable option.

According to the Indian Institute of Millet Research, “Overall, at least an 88% increase in millet acreage over the current levels is expected to be attained by 2050 AD if policy push and demand creation trend are going to be continued.” According to World Atlas, India is a leading millet producer in the world, followed by African countries such as Niger and Nigeria. This is proof that it is now time to value millets and bring back India’s pride.

Mighty millets and mysterious millennials look like a strange combination? Not really! The health conscious millennials have started valuing a healthy lifestyle so much that they are open to anything truly healthy that is served to them. Especially, if these millennials are offered something that is also tasty and soothing to their tastebuds along with being healthy, it is an icing on the (healthy) cake!

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