Why You Should Consider Our Kiru Experience over a General Trek this Vacation?

Holidays with the family calls for a complete experience. When you get those few days to relax and rejuvenate with your loved ones, you always want to do something fun. Some decide to visit their village while some decide to set out for a one day trek. Then there are others who plan their trip around good food. What if we tell you that you can combine all of the aforesaid experiences in one trip? It is very much possible with our special arrangement at the Kiru production centre at Thenkahally, Karnataka.

The team at Kiru has been working towards creating a healthy lifestyle with the help of their healthy millet snacks. To extend their efforts and make it even better for the people, Kiru has now come up with a one day trip that allows you to spend a day at the production centre. To get the feel of how the Kiru experience is, read on.

Start with a Balanced Healthy Breakfast

For our friends who want to change their taste of regular home food, we have a special treat at our centre. A special, healthy treat! At our Kiru production centre, we believe that the first meal of the day is important and that you should make a healthy choice for your breakfast. Therefore, we arrange a special millet-based breakfast just for you to feast on tasty and healthy food during your visit.

Learn More About Snack Production Process

Kiru believes in a wholesome healthy snack production and we do not want to make tall claims about our products. We, therefore, give you a complete tour of your production facility. Here we show you the different processes that the snacks go through before they reach you. Showing you how these healthy millet snacks are made is important for us as we believe in complete transparency in providing pure and natural snacks.

Explore the Greenary on the Farm

During your visit to the Kiru centre, we make sure you experience a day full of interesting activities. Next on our itinerary for you is a trek around the vicinity of the production unit. The good thing about this place is that it’s right in the middle of our long stretches of millet farms and greenery. We take you for a stroll and let you see for yourself how organically our produce is cultivated by the hardworking farmers. You also get a chance to chat with our masters of millet production, our local farmers who nurture these crops.

Kiru millet snacks are more than just a snacking item, it’s a step towards your healthy lifestyle. To make it even better, Kiru is now also a bespoke healthy experience that makes your holiday a healthy one with a warm farewell where we give you a goodie box specially made for you along with a t-shirt. So book your visit today and come along. We await your visit to our premises with open arms.

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