Your True Workout Buddy is a Workout Snack!

Often it is very difficult to figure out what food should be consumed to pump yourself with some energy before a workout and what food should be consumed to restore energy post-workout. Many people think that all they can consume are boring nuts or some cut fruits. But what if the nuts are made fairly tasty, and fruits are tossed into some interesting and extremely healthy snacks? We are here to change your perception and make you meet your true workout buddy – mouth-watering workout snacks!

Why Do You Need Pre-Workout Snacks?

  • Before-workout snacks give your body sufficient energy to put your body through a rigorous process.
  • Before-workout snacks provide glucose that enters muscles, thus fueling your muscles for a workout.
  • Before-workout snacks restrict muscle loss since it utilizes the stored glucose.
  • Before-workout snacks provide your body with some much-needed protein.

Pre-Workout Snacks

1.     Fruit Smoothies

Fruit smoothies are a perfect blend of healthy and tasty. However, avoid buying these fruit smoothies from stores because store-bought fruit smoothies have high sugar content and preservatives that are not healthy.

Why a fruit smoothie?

  • Easy to digest.
  • Rich in protein which is needed by the body before a workout.

2.     Fruit Parfait

Fruit Parfait is a healthy and delicious cold dessert that is not made with sugar. Made of freshly cut fruits, boiled cream, eggs, etc., fruit parfait is a scrumptious, healthy delight.

Why a fruit parfait?

  • Packed with carbohydrates.
  • Provides glycogen to the muscles.

3.     Healthy Bars

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Generally, healthy claiming energy bars are sugar and preservatives packed, which is very unhealthy. Check the contents while buying or buy healthy bars from a trusted healthy snacks company.

Why healthy bars?

  • Packed with healthy carbohydrates.
  • Has required fiber and protein

Why Do You Need Post-Workout Snacks?

  • After-workout snacks recover the glycogen in your muscles, thus giving energy.
  • After-workout snacks recover your body from workout exhaustion.
  • After-workout snacks repair muscles from any damage caused due to the intensity of your workout.

Post-Workout Snacks

1.     Millet Muesli

Muesli, as we know, is a combination of various healthy ingredients like nuts, oats, fruits, etc. Millet muesli, however, is a perfect blend of all the healthy ingredients with energy-packed millets.

Why millet muesli?

  • High in fiber.
  • Keeps you full for a longer time after the workout.

2.     Peanut Butter Spread with Whole Wheat Bread

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Instead of pasteurized butter with normal bread, you can indulge in the wholesomeness of peanut butter spread on whole-wheat bread. With it, you get the benefits of peanuts and whole wheat at the same time.

Why peanut butter with whole wheat bread?

  • Peanuts have a low glycemic score that keeps your sugar levels constantly stable.
  • Whole wheat bread provides your muscles with energy, thus repairing them.

3.     Millet Crackers


Millet Crackers are the healthy crunchies that you can munch on even when you are not working out. It could be an evening snack or whenever you want to satisfy your growling stomach.

Why millet crackers?

  • Has dietary fiber
  • Millets are high in carbs and proteins.

When you decide that you need to start your workout regime with complete dedication, you also need to take care of what goes into your system before and after the workout. While you might not notice any changes on eating these before and after workout snacks, but they eventually result in helping you reach your goal at a faster rate. Finding your most suitable pre and post-workout snacks might take some time but you will slowly love to infuse these habits in your workout regime.

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