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The Delicious & Nutritious Millet Cookies

Offers nutritious and delicious Cookies
made from Millets.

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Millet Cookies Combo

“Indulge in the High fibre, guilt-free, goodness of our millet-based cookies, available in three delicious flavors: cashew nut, chocochip, and butter & nuts.”


Millet Cookies Chocochip

“Treat yourself to our tasty and nutritious chocochip millet cookies.”


Millet Cookies Butter&Nuts

“Butter & Nuts millet cookies,
a tasty and healthy snack.”

Millet Cookies

Kiru's Delicious Millet Cookies: Healthy and Wholesome

Kiru’s Millet based cookies are a delicious and healthy snack made from whole grain millet flour. They offer a crunchy texture and a satisfying taste, perfect for snacking on-the-go or as an accompaniment to a cup of tea. Made with natural ingredients and free from preservatives, these cookies are a great alternative for those looking for a nutritious treat. Enjoy the wholesome goodness of millet in every bite with Kiru’s Millet Cookies.


Mahesh Basavanna

CEO, Orgtree & Kiru

Kiru | OrgTree

Pure Millet Snacks

“Experience the goodness of pure millet with our range of tasty and healthy snacks, made from 100% natural ancient grains.”

“Kiru: a healthy snack company using millets and natural ingredients to provide healthy snacks.”

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