Kiru Ajwain banana millet sticks

Rs.80/- (100gm)

Category : Millet Snacks
Quantity : 100 (in gms)
Shelf Life: 4 Month
Package Content: Pack of 2 Ajwain and Banana sticks from Kiru
Product Preference: Gluten Free/Veg
Used Ingredients

Made with the goodness of Finger Millet (Ragi). The cookies add the taste of lemon.

Nutrition Details

Energy (kcal) 222.5 Protein(g) 3.1 Total Carbohydrates(g) 40.9 Sodium (mg) 7.8 potassium(mg) 152.5 Dietary Fibre(g) 3.9 Sugars(g) 16.4 Total Fat(g) 18.4 Saturated(g) 12.7 polyunsaturated (g) 1.2 monounsaturated(g) 4.6 trans (g) 0 Cholestrol (mg) 0.4

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