Rs.90/- (50gm)

Category : Bars
Quantity : 50 (in gms)
Shelf Life: 2 Months Month
Package Content: Contains 2 packs of Dry fruit Bar
Product Preference: Veg
Used Ingredients

Cashew, Raisins, Almond, Dry Dates, Jaggery, Milk solids, Thickener E 412.

Nutrition Details

Per 100g Energy kcal 368.4 Protein g 11.26 Total Carbohydrates g 57.2 Total Fat g 9.35 -saturated fat g 3.24 -polyunsaturated fat g 3.03 -monounsaturated fat g 2.99 -trans fat g 0 Calcium 88.3 Phosphorous 192.5 Dietary Fiber g 1.57

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