Kiru Finger Millet Banana Walnut Cake

Rs.175/- (250gm)

Category : Gifting
Quantity : 250 (in gms)
Shelf Life: 7 days Month
Package Content: Contains 250g of Finger Millet Walnut cake
Product Preference:
Used Ingredients

Ragi flour, Banana, Vegetable oil, Corn flour, Raising agent E 500 i, Cinnamon, walnut, Egg, Sugar. natural flavor- Banana

Nutrition Details

Per 100g Energy kcal 374.4 Protein g 4.12 Total Carbohydrates g 339.3 Total Fat g 22.64 -saturated fat g 9.48 -polyunsaturated fat g 2.27 -monounsaturated fat g 10.6 -trans fat g 0 Sodium mg 25.9 Potassium mg 111.3 Dietary Fiber g 2.17

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