Kiru Combo Pack Mini

Rs.200/- (370gm)

Category : Gifting
Quantity : 370 (in gms)
Shelf Life: 2 Months Month
Package Content: This Kiru Combo Pack Mini Contains 75 Grams of Cookies (pack of 1), 50 Grams of Dry Fruits Bar (pack of 1), 25 Grams of Peanut Chikki (pack of 5), 50 Grams of Black Gram Papad (pack of 1), 70 Grams of Millet Puffed Bites (Pack of 1).
Product Preference: Veg
Used Ingredients

Kiru Combo Pack Mini Contains Cookies, Dry Fruits Bar, Peanut Chikki, Black Gram Papad, Millet Puffed Bites.

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