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Kiru for Corporates

We have observed that unhealthy snacking habits add around 30,000 calories every year in corporates and wanted to solve this problem with millets for their numerous benefits. So made healthy millet snacks 

Sustainable Product

Creating Snacks that are all natural and Healthy is the vision which led us forward. we also imbibed the sustainable practices form our farmer community in our process 

Healthy Snacking with Kiru

Kiru is hence born with a idea to inculcate healthy snacking that is all natural with millets and other nutrition. And add millet as a part of our daily diet

How to Order

kiru millet snacks



We offer a Subscription based model to most of our corporate. We provide Jars filled will varieties of our millet snacks and keep filling them on a recurrent basis. 

These could be kept in your office cafeteria and any other places. This is would be a great way to encourage employees to take up healthy snacking which would also effect the productivity

Also from an employer perspective it is a great initiative to look after their health and well being. As a company is at its best is with its employees at their best. 

How it works

kiru Experience



Now experience Kiru  in your cafeteria with an exclusive storefront. With a range of products and exclusive personnel dedicated to take care of your employee snacking needs.

Kiru Experience offers a unique experience for all snacking needs.


To know more call or WhatsApp us on 6361543351