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Kiru Product
Kiru Product

Our Indgrenients

A healthy concoction of indigenous Millets

Kiru snacks are made with Millets, which are rich in fibre, antioxidants and proteins, as the primary ingredient. Millets are also packed with vitamins and minerals in addition to carbs. They are a natural substitute to a well-balanced diet, as per everyday RDA requirements. Millets have the potential to be rediscovered as the favourite super food of the urban youth, health and wellness enthusiasts, as well as anyone who would like to indulge in a healthy lifestyle.


Our values

Stay rooted. Soar sky-high

Kiru was born out of a deep desire to revive the native Millet crop. Our mission is to reintroduce it to our communities, and restore the 3000-year-old grain to its lost glory in a new avatar as snacks, that has never been conceived before to make it a guiltless healthy indulgence.

We are equally committed to improving the livelihood of the farmers who make it possible, and we work with them every step of the way, from cultivation to procurement, manufacturing and packaging.


Our Presence

Find us in Stores near You

Getting your daily dose of healthy anytime Millet snacks is easy now. Kiru products are available at a store near you in Mysore, Malavalli, Mandya, Nanjangud, Maddur, K R Nagar, Gundlupet and Hunsur. We shall be launching them in Bangalore and the rest of Karnataka soon. You may order online too.

The Kiru experience

Watch how it is all done


A Perfect Getaway from the city - Relax, Rejuvenate and indulge in some "Wholesome, Nutritious Village Food"
The Kiru factory is the heart of our company. It is the place where everything comes together to create the best, tasty and healthy snacks for you - from our experts guiding the farmers, grains collection, R&D team experimenting with recipes and production team exploring the advanced food technology and techniques required to make Millet snacks. The Kiru life journey begins here in all respects.

Here we work on food engineering with Millets, which is still at its nascent stage world over. It is the science we believe in and we strive to bring you the best possible snacking options out of Millets for everyday consumption.

Our factory is a low embodied energy building, carefully designed and built to reflect our philosophy and values. Here we strike a balance between purpose and profits, environment/sustainability and efficiency in operations, as well as health and taste. Within this environment, we chase our singular obession of producing and shipping the best 100% Millet snacks in the world, by deploying the lateest technology and techniques and adopting the best practices. And, we go about it every day with all the care and passion that's involved in preparing food

Visitors from Bengaluru and other cities to our factory premises go back with the fond memories of a unique Kiru experience, as authentic and refresing as our snacks!

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Team Kiru

Passionate in every respect


The team Kiru is led by our passionate and committed founders – Mahesh Basavanna and Chandrashekhar Basavanna. Their emotional bond with their land and a strong passion to revive Millets, which now runs across everyone in the Kiru family, is where the idea of Kiru germinated.

Mahesh Basavanna

Mahesh Basavanna

Founder & Director


Mahesh is passionate about environmental sustainability and has worked in water conservation, energy and resource efficiency. Mahesh is the CEO and Founder of OrgTree and McD BERL. His entrepreneurial ventures have come out of his passion for sustainability and his core belief in creating a sustainable future. OrgTree is his third entrepreneurial venture.

He has been in the professional world for over 22 years and took his first plunge into the world of entrepreneurship with McD Built Environment Research Laboratory in 2003, followed by SecPod Technologies in 2008 and OrgTree in 2015.

The passionate socio-economic development scientist believes in the power of ideas and teamwork to change the world. With each of his ventures, he aims to do just that.

Chandrashekar Basavanna

Chandrashekhar Basavanna

Founder & Director


Chandrashekhar is a technopreneur with over 20 years of experience in building products for the technology space. Chandra is the CEO and Founder of SecPod Technologies and Co-Founder of OrgTree. After having worked with various prestigious corporate names, he started his entrepreneurial journey in the year 2008 with SecPod Technologies. Orgtree is his second entrepreneurial venture, which he co-founded in the year 2015.

Chandra is passionate about building institutions that strive for excellence and contribute to socio-economic development. His core strength lies in creating simple and exceptional products that solve human problems. With each of his ventures, he aims to do just that. He believes in the power of communication to drive people towards execution and reveres simplicity and pursues innovation. His hobbies are reading, watching movies, driving, and thinking. Chandra loves his family and enjoys being around kids.

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