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A Joyous Celebration of Harvest and Unity"

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Kiru Sankrathi is a festive celebration held annually by the employees of Kiru, a millet-based snacking company run by farmers. This celebration is held in honor of Sankranti, a harvest festival that marks the beginning of a new agricultural season in India. The event is a joyful expression of unity and togetherness, bringing together employees from all levels of the company to participate in traditional activities, games, and delicious meals.

Kiru Sankrathi is an occasion that truly reflects the values of Kiru and its commitment to promoting and preserving the rich heritage of millets and the agricultural community. Kiru Sankrathi is a celebration of the hard work and dedication of the employees, and a tribute to the rich cultural heritage of the agricultural community. Come and join us for a fun-filled day filled with laughter, joy, and good food!

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"Kiru Sankrathi: A Fusion of Tradition, Fun, and Delicious Millet Cuisine"

This traditional event is a fusion of ancient customs, fun-filled games, and delectable millet cuisine. The celebration brings together employees from all levels of the company to participate in traditional activities such as rangoli making, kite flying, and more. And, of course, the highlight of the day is the delicious spread of millet-based dishes that showcase the versatility and deliciousness of this nutritious grain. Come and join us for a day of tradition, fun, and great food at Kiru Sankrathi!

Kiru Millet Sankranti:
A Celebration of the Harvest Festival

Join the Kiru team for an annual celebration of the harvest festival Sankranti. This fusion of tradition, games, and millet cuisine is a festive event filled with fun and delicious treats. Celebrate with the farmers behind the millet-based snacking company, Kiru, at this unique and joyful event.

Millet Foods: Nutritious and Delicious Food for the Sankranti

Indulge in a bounty of delicious millet-based cuisine at Kiru’s Sankranti Food Festival. Sample mouth-watering dishes made with wholesome and nutritious millets, cooked to perfection by our talented farming women. Experience the rich flavors and traditions of this harvest festival, and celebrate with us the abundance of the season. 

Traditional Millet Processing: Preserving the Art of Millet Farming

Witness the timeless art of millet processing in action, led by the inspiring women of the farming community. On Sankranti day, watch as they transform freshly harvested millets into mouth-watering Pongal, a traditional dish symbolizing abundance and prosperity. This is a rare opportunity to see the skills and heritage passed down through generations, and support women in agriculture. Celebrate the season with this unique and meaningful experience.

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"Kiru Sankranti 2024"

Get ready to experience the best of rural Karnataka’s cultural heritage and delicious millet cuisine at Kiru’s annual Sankrathi festival. From traditional processing and games, to delightful food, this is a day to cherish and pass down the values of our farming community to future generations. Join us in celebrating this special day, which will be held on Mon, Jan 15, 2024. Save the date and make plans to be a part of this truly unforgettable experience.

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