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Millet Chikkis - Peanut

₹ 5


Millet Chikkis Peanuts is perfect whenever you want an energy boost. One of its kind in the market that are hygienically made under controlled environment to offer the goodness of millets as an energy snack or dessert.


Filled with the goodness of millets, peanuts and jaggery, they can be had any time of the day. Preferably after a meal. New flavours coming soon.


Peanuts are good for the heart and improve blood flow to the brain. Kiru Millet Chikkis are made with jaggery - not sugar syrup. Jaggery provides energy over an extended period of time, and it aids in digestion.



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Gourav M / @gouravfoodie


My all day evening snacks is here. @kiruMilletnacks Kiru started as a humble gesture to honour their forefathers, whose staple food was ‘Ragi Mudde’ that helped them lead a healthy life. Thenkahalli, a village in Karnataka, has a long tradition of growing Millet. Kiru wants to share the goodness of Millet with the world while benefiting the local farmers. Every bite of Kiru snacks is packed with great taste and goodness. Kiru, which is made in Karnataka, focus on locally sourced, locally imagined and refreshing tasty snacks. And, always my favourite: Millet Chikki. "

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