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Millet Crunchies Bayiruchi Masala

₹ 30


Kiru Millet Cookies Bayiruchi Masala is an ideal option to get over those hunger pangs that shoot in just before lunch. Made with natural ingredients and without any preservatives, these can be enjoyed by children and adults of all age group at any given time.


Made with fine millets, our magic masala flavour is a fine twist that brings in the localised flavour to keep you rooted to your region.


Made of millets and natural ingredients, our cookies are loaded with nutrition and flavours.



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5.00 Reviews

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Tried crunchies like Cream & Onion, Tomato as well as Bairuchi Masala. Fantastic taste just like any other "reputed" stuff that we get in super markets with an added feel good that its made of time tested/health millets. And to to know that its not fried but baked with no preservatives... Looking forward to using it as evening snacks at office desk instead of rushing to junks to deal with hunger pangs! "

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