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Millet Dry Fruits Bar

₹ 50


Kiru Millet Dry Fruits Bars is just the option you need when you have missed a meal or want something to fill you up anytime.


Dry Fruits Bar has the right concoction of dry fruits such as cashews, raisins, pistachio, dry dates and jaggery gives you the right energy boost for the day.


Millet Dry Fruits Bar gives you the necessary vitamins and nutrition for your body.



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Arati Parekh / @arati.parekh


Kiru all-day Millet snacks include Millet Bars - Dry Fruits and Immunity Booster; Millet Crunchies - Tomato & Cream N Onion; Millet Chikkis – Peanuts; Millet Cookies – Coconut, Choco and Masala, with many more titbits coming soon. Every snack is healthy, completely natural and free from preservatives. Their crunchies are baked to perfection - they are the first to introduce Millet baked crunchies in the world. The Kiru promise of healthy snacking is true to its pastoral origins. No wonder the Kiru snacks are fondly called ‘Ooruginals’, inspired by the Kannada word Ooru or place. Check them out at @kiruMilletnacks. "

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