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Millet Snack Box

₹ 350


Kiru Millet Snack Box is fine is a fine assortment of everything packed in one.


Millet Snack Box is all you need when you want stock up for a long trip. It’s loaded with all the variants your family would love to gobble up.


-  Kiru Millet Crunchies Cream & Onion - 2 x Rs 30 - Rs 60
-  Kiru Millet Crunchies Bayiruchi Masala - 2 X Rs 30 - Rs 60
-  Kiru Millet Crunchies Tomato - 3 x Rs 10 - Rs 30
-  Kiru Millet Cookies Butter & Nuts - 1 x Rs 75
-  Kiru Millet Cookies Chocolate Chip - 1 x Rs 75
-  Kiru Millet Chikkies - 6 x Rs 5 - Rs 30



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5.00 Reviews

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Arati Parekh / @arati.parekh


Kiru's box of healthy Millet snacks are here! ShapeWould you like to try them??? You can buy them from retail stores in Mysore, Malavalli, Mandya, Nanjungud, Maddur, KR Nagar, Gundulpet and Hunsur; soon to be launched in Bangalore. Let's encourage our local brands and help them grow by doing our bit. Tag all your friends who are Millet lovers. And those who are not Millet lovers too. Choose a healthy alternative when it comes to snacking. "

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