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Millet Crunchies Tomato

₹ 10


Kiru Millet Crunchies Tomato are a perfect companion in the afternoons when you crave for a savoury snack to beat the afternoon blues. First of its kind in the world when people are attempting to do extruded snacks in the world.


Our “Spanish Tomato” flavour, made with the finest ingredients, will give you that extra zing to bounce back to whatever you were doing.


Made with Pearl Millets/Bajra, millet crunchies keep blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels under check. They come with no added chemicals, and even though baked, taste as great as any fried snack. Baked not fried.



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5.00 Reviews

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C A Swati Mishra


One is spoilt for choice of snack brands these days. However, I find the texture and the flavours repeating in snacks….and therefore boring. Too many potato pickings around. So, when I came across the Kiru Millet crispy, I was thrilled. It tasted different and it was true to its claim of Spanish Tomato flavour. Moreover, I came to know that it was made of Millet and therefore healthy. I think I love this new option! Check it out! You won’t be disappointed too. "

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